Challenge Number Two

For this weeks challenge try sketching an interior scene…perhaps the favorite room of your house, a room in your workplace or a public place such as the reading room of the local library. If you want to mix things up a bit you can try exercising your value viewing skills by restricting yourself to a single color. Another thing to try is to do a panoramic sketch by drawing the room facing in three or four different directions.

Sketching Challenge

I thought it might be fun to do a weekly challenge to encourage us all to sketch more often. I will try to post a new challenge every Saturday.  In the future I would like to set it up so that you will just e-mail your sketches to me as an attachment and I would post them to our blog on the following Saturday. For now, however, just bring them to the next meeting for show-and-tell and I will photograph them and post them to our blog.   I propose as our first challenge that we sketch anything living (a tree, a house plant, your pet hamster…anything as long as it’s living). Let me know if you would like to suggest any ideas for future challenges.