Sketching at the UNM Anthropology Museum

A dozen or so people showed up at the UNM Anthropology Museum to do some sketching on Saturday morning. The museum has a small but impressive collection of native american pottery and artifacts, some dating back 700 years. While most sketched inside the Museum, a few hardy sketchers braved the cold and went outside. After a two hour session of sketching, the group met for a brief show-and-tell. A good time was had by all.

The group will meet again on February 27 at 10:00 to sketch at the Albuquerque Natural History museum. All are welcome.

Weekly challange #4: Do a sketch which includes a mode of transportation (car, bus, plane, boat or most importantly a bicycle). You can send your sketch to me as an attachment and I will post it. (My e-mail is Also if you are planning to go out sketching between regular meetings would like some company you can e-mail me the time, date and place and I will post it on our blog.

PS – I hope I got a picture of everybody’s artwork. Sorry if I missed any!

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