Schedule of Sketching Locations

Below is a tentative schedule of sketching locations for the rest of the year. Be sure to check for possible changes and details as we get closer to each posted time.

March 19 – Old Town

April 9 -Albuquerque Zoo

April 30 – Cerrillos

May 21 – Corrales – San Ysidro Church

June 11 – Elana Gallegos Open Space

July 2 – Las Colendrenas

July 23 – Santa Fe Canyon Road

Aug 13 – Madrid (New Mexico, not Spain)

Sept 4 – Albuquerque Farmer’s Market at the Railyard

Sept 24 – New Mexico Steam Locomotive Museum

Oct 15 – Albuquerque Open Space on Coors

Nov 5 – Albuquerque Botanical Garden

Dec 19 – Restaurant Sketch/Sketch/Social Gathering – Details to be announced.


This Week’s ChallengeĀ 

Draws something from a unique perspective (such as the table and chairs in your dining room while sitting on the floor, people standing below a balcony, a car while sitting on the curb in front of the driver’s side bumper). Send your sketches to me ( and I will post them on our blog.



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