A Fall Day in Galisteo/Lamy, NM

A few of us (5) gathered yesterday in Galisteo.  We welcomed a new member, Kelly who just moved here from Southern California.  We sketched the morning and then moved a few miles away to Lamy when we had lunch, watched the train to Chicago arrive and depart and sketched until around 2:30.  It was a lovely day all around.


Steam Locomotive #2926

Yesterday eleven of us went to the New Mexico Steam Locomotive and Railroad Historical Society site and met a dedicated group of volunteers who have been working on restoring the Steam Locomotive #2926 since 2005!  After a safety briefing by President Mike, we scattered to see what view we could best capture.

The comment heard over and over was “I didn’t realize how much detail there was in this engine.”  This experience was a real test of our abilities to capture an object that was filled with detail.   I think the group did an amazing job.