Logo/Stamp Contest

Hi Sketchers

The Albuquerque Chapter of Urban Sketchers is looking for a design to be used on an “Albuquerque Urban Sketchers” stamp. The stamp will be used for visiting Sketchers or for any of us who want a stamp on a special sketch.

Your design may be of any reasonable size 8″x 10″ or smaller, the winning design will be reduced to 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ slightly longer for a horizontal design. It can be in a rectangle, square, or circular shape. Please remember this is for a stamp. The design should be devoid of color, black only, and of simple line drawing as it will be very small and we want it to print clearly. We will not be using the Urban Sketchers International logo on this stamp but it should say “Abq. Urban Sketchers” somewhere in the design.

Submissions deadline is October 31, 2019. There is no monetary prize for the winning design, however the winning designer will able to say with pride, “I did that”. The winning design must come with all rights to use by the Albuquerque Urban Sketchers, and in high resolution.

Entries to be voted on by the Albuquerque Urban Sketchers administrators. Please send your submission to spaderart@gmail.com by October 31st.

Good luck.


One response

  1. Hi. It looks like the Urban Sketchers has a graphics standards guide rhT includes usage for individual chapters. Not sure if you need to check with them about creating new logos? Might want to as a courtesy.

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