Casa San Ysidro and Church, 11/09/2019

Hi All.  Our next outing is the the San Ysidro Church and Casa San Ysidro at 966 Old Church Road in Corrales.  We will meet at 10 AM and  sketch till Noon.  Let me know if you’ll be attending:


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  1. New Mexico Plein Air Painters will be holding a paintout at the SAME LOCATION at exactly the SAME TIME. What an opportunity to get a photo of the sketchers with their sketchbooks and the painters with their easels all at the same place ! ! OR … a cool Jets versus Sharks faceoff of the two gangs to see who gets the San Ysidro turf ! ! !

    • I’m not sure where you were. We had about 18 of us there. Everybody started showing up at 9:45 and we went off to sketch at 10. Some stayed at the church and some went across the street to the casa.

      • I just now found out there is an Old San Ysidro church. I am still new to this area, and went to the San Ysidro church that Google Maps directed me to. It is across from the Wagner Farms. Another fellow from the PleinAir group was there, too. I guess we used the same map.

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