March 14 Setch Location

Howdy Sketchers

If you acquired one of the 2020 Sketchout schedules please file it in your nearest round file. The dates are staying the same but the locations are changing in order. We may get back to the schedule as the warmer season starts up, but for now it would be best to keep an eye out for these posts.

Our next Sketchout will still be held on March 14, the new location though is (Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge) located at 7851 Second st. in south west Albuquerque. Just head south on 2nd from Rio Bravo and keep looking to your right. Please pass the word that the location has changed.

Also we have been offered an opportunity to sketch inside the Kimo Theater on a Wednesday afternoon. If there is enough interest Donna will schedule the event. So please discuss it with sketchers you know because it’s only available on Wednesday afternoons and let Donna know at the next Sketchout.

Good luck, have fun.


8 responses

    • Hi Annie we’re glad to see you back. The general meets, as is this one, start at 10:00 a.m. and we show our work at 12:00 noon. Hope you can make it.

    • Hi Jay
      No we have not done the Kimo yet, we are collecting names of interested folks. If we can get five or more Donna will try to set it up on a Wednesday afternoon. I will put you on the list.

      Thanks Spader

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