Howdy Sketchers

It’s another great day in the Sketchers neighborhood. Sketching opportunities all around and several sketchers have found them.

So here are the photos from Jay, Donna, Richard, April, and Martha C.. Thanks to all those who participated this week, we really appreciate seeing your work. Also Thanks to Lisa who’s sketch showed up at the end of the roll last week but I had omitted her name.

Be safe be HAPPY!


4 responses

  1. Hi Mike – wondering if you received my sketch? Not sure if I am sending them to the right address. – Michele Smith


    • Hi Michele As of yet I have not received a photo from you. Let me know if I can help, my cel is 505 980 0832 if you would like to try and talk thru the process or just email what you have tried and I will try to help. Keep trying, would  love to see you sketches. Spader Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: Albuquerque Urban SketchersSent: Tuesday, April 21, 2020 10:49 AMTo: spaderart@gmail.comSubject: [Albuquerque Urban Sketchers] Comment: "Howdy Sketchers" 

    • Hi Michele
      I have not recieved a photo of your work, so I just responded to your email with sugestions. Hope it works.

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