Fun at Home

Howdy Sketchers

We have a few lovely sketches this week, but before we get to that a couple items.

There are some new temporary guidelines for this “C-19” time. *All drawings must remain direct observation drawings, * It is alright to post sketches of things around your home. But please include some context in your setch. *And lastly they should be sketches of things as you find them, not still-life setups.

For those of you who like a little more involvement, USK Talks on YouTube is still sending videos from Hong Kong. There are lots of fun photos on Urban Sketchers Facebook page and of course there is with lots of resources. There is currently a challenge on one of the chat streams at that suggest we sketch our feet while lying on the couch or in bed and sketch what you see behind our feet.

So this week we have sketches from Hilda, Spencer, Stephen and Richard. Thanks to all who participated, we love to see your work. If you would like to participate in next weeks post, please send your photos, as an attachment to



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