Fun @ Home

Howdy Sketchers,

As always, I hope this post finds you Happy, WELL, and Sketching. This week we have a handful of great sketches for your viewing pleasure. You will find the photos at the end of the post.

For those of you who are beginning to feel like a latchkey kid, stuck at home and running out of ideas have you tried Google Earth? It is a fun way to see places you may never get to see in person and practice sketching things you have not sketched before. Some of the images on G. E. are subject to copyright so check to be sure. You may also enjoy some of the articles like “My World Is Smaller, But The Joy Remains.”, on the main urban sketchers home page at “”.

If you would like to post a sketch or two on next week’s post please send your photos as an attachment to We would love to see what you have been sketching.

Thanks to Stephen, Richard, Martha, Gwyn, Daniel, and Spader for posting this week. Also a special thanks to Michele who’s name I omitted last week.

Be safe, be happy, and sketch something.


2 responses

  1. Martha! It’s the kitty! And he’s clearly interested in something…
    The bird on the suet (line and wash) and the nearly invisible one (graphite on paper) are mine.

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