Enjoying At Home

Howdy Sketchers

The hummingbirds are here! What a wonderful spring we are having. As always I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying the Chirping birds and fragrant spanish broom. That said we have several items to cover in this post.

First I would like to take a moment to let you all know that we are watching the C-19 news and the reopening of our cities. The decision to start holding public meets again will depend on science and the government. As for now we are considering outdoor venues and keeping an ear to the ground with hope that we can meet again soon.

Another note concerning meets: Some of the USK chapters around the world have been meeting once a week, virtually, in Zoom. They meet online, sketch for two hours and show sketches at the end. We would meet at our regular time 10:am and show at 12:noon. Some of our members have tried it and I believe they had a good time. I am wondering what the level of interest there is in our group for this type of meet-up. If this is something you think you would enjoy please drop me a line at spaderart@gmail.com or comment on the Albuquerque Urban Sketchers site.

For things to sketch most of our members seem to be finding their own terrific inspiration. If you are looking for something to sketch there is one of those challenges going around. It is called A to Z, and you sketch something that starts with A, try to give it some context, then move on to something that begins with B. Of course Urbansketchers.org is a great source for all things Urban Sketching like USKtalks.

This weeks sketches are provided by: Steve, Donna, Wayne, and Richard. Thanks to all who participated and to all those who haven’t sent in a sketch yet, come on show us what you got!

Please submit your photos to: spaderart.com as an attachment.



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