Fun At Home

Howdy Sketchers,

It has been so great to see several sketchers participating and sending weekly sketches. The past few weeks have been a terrific opportunity for introspection and sketching things we may not otherwise have sketched. Before we get to the photos this week there are a few items of business.

Two weeks ago I tried to encourage everyone to add a little context to their sketches. After being on a live chat with administrators around the world, I thought it might be appropriate to clarify our current sketching circumstances and essentials.

The president of USK attended the zoom meeting to wish everyone well and to answer this question. What is an acceptable USK sketch? In the USK manifesto there are some directives and those directives are like a mandate for For us however, as individual USK chapters the rules are currently much less rigid. I tell you this to say: Sketch what you can, sketch often, and keep sending in your wonderful work. In line with sending in your work, this coming Saturday the 30th of May we will try a Zoom Sketch Out.

Zoom is an online meeting site which can easily be downloaded from the web onto your computer or your handheld device as an app. So if you would like to be in on a Zoom Sketch Out on the 30th at 10:am and running until 12:noon or a little before. Please send an email to and suggest you would like to be in on this event. Several of you have already emailed that you would like to try it. I will reply to your email with the invitation # and code by Thursday so send your request early. We will be sketching what we see and chatting. Bring your questions, comments, your joy and something to sketch with. This could be a chance to catch up with folks you have not seen for a couple months. At the very least it sounds like a lot of fun. Hope to see you all there.

Whether you make it to the Zoom or not we would still like to see what your sketching. Here are a few sketching ideas to help inspire you, not that you need it. From Shari Blaukopf comes the challenge: look out your window, find a subject and sketch it at different times of day, show the different lighting or colors. Matthew Brehm’s challenge is: look at a drawing that you like study some part of it that you like, practice that technique on cheap paper then include the technique in a sketch / drawing of your own. Here are a few random ideas to sketch. The ingredients for something you are cooking, a corner of your bathroom sink with the medicine chest open, or even your morning tea and carton of creamer.

Appologies for the long post. As always send your questions, comments and photos to Stay safe and sketch something today.


Oh ya! Here are this weeks photos, contributed by: Martha, Hilda, Spader, April, and Mary.

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