At Home Updates,

Howdy Sketchers,

The big news this week is that we will start hosting “On Location Sketch- outs Again”. Donna is currently checking on the feasibility and availability of several outdoor locations. We are planning the first, welcome back meeting, to be held the 27th of June. As it looks now, social distancing and masks will be the order of the day. We will update the precautions next week when we are sure of the meeting location.

Those of you who do not yet feel it is safe enough to attend an on location sketch event or just want a little more sketching to do we intend to keep Zooming every Saturday morning at 10:am. If you would like to join the Zoom events please email and say “I want to Zoom”. And of course keep sending your recent sketches so we can post them in the Saturday post.

If you are still looking for more to do, this weeks challenge comes from Gabi Campanario, who as most of you know, is the person who started Urban Sketchers. He announced his challenge on this weeks USKTalks. Gabi suggest that with your next sketch try as he says , “Tell Me More” share it with an informative caption, maybe do a little research, or explain a little of the background story in your own words. Of course to hear exactly what Gabi said, you can go to USKTalks on Youtube.

Thanks to: Wayne, Michele, Anne Marie, and Spader for this weeks Sketches.

Be safe and sketch something today.


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