Bike in Coffee / Zoom

Howdy Sketchers,

Bike in Coffee was a lot of fun. There were barns and bicycles. There were trees, shade, old trucks, lots of people and lots of bicycles. Everyone had a great time and it was so good catching up with folks. People were social distancing and wearing masks.

As I say there were lots of people at the Bike in Coffee, though we were able to social distance several of us chose to sketch behind a barn as it was easier to stay apart from one another. Bike in Coffee is a great location for sketching and lots more. That said we will not be announcing a new sketch out for the near future as the C-19 numbers are going up in both the country and the state. So once again we will be taking a wait and see approach and continuing to Zoom.

This Saturday we will not be Zooming as it is the Fourth of July. Our next Zoom will be from 10:am to Noon on Saturday, July 11. If you would like to join the zoom please send your, one time, request to and say “I want in” or something to that effect. We will put you on the email list to receive an invitation and password for the next Zoom.

Stay safe and I hope to see you Saturday the 11th for a fun Zoom.


P.S. Here are the photos from Bike in Coffee.

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