Howdy Sketchers,

Another great morning of on location sketching. Tiguex Park, on Mountain Road, was the site of another fun morning of sketching. There were a number of us there and we spread out to sketch several spots around the park. We had time and space for both sketching and lots of fun conversation.

Our next outing will be at 10:a.m. on Saturday the 26th of June. Donna is checking availability on some supper locations and we will send out a notice with the location early the week of 21st. Remember when we meet to respect each others air space and if you have not been jabbed yet please continue to wear a mask when around other sketchers.

Our last Zoom, for now, will be on the 19th of this month and to those of you who have been participating in the Zoom meetings we want to say “Thanks for keeping Urban Sketchers alive thru this crazy time”. The Zooms kept it fun and we have come to feel close to the many Zoomers that spent this last year and more together in our homes.

As always if you have questions please email

Photos to follow and as usual-

Stay safe, stay happy and keep sketching.


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