Lets Zoom!

Howdy Sketchers,

This weeks Zoom was a lot of fun. There were only a few of us but we had a great time. Next week’s Zoom will be at our normal time, 10:am Saturday morning. If you would like in please email spaderart@gmail.com and let us know. Also, don’t hesitate to send photos to the same email of current sketches you have done so we can post them.

This coming week we will Zoom sketching from our photographs and or things around the house. Hope you can make it.

There is an art show July 11th thru September 27th at the Open Space Center, 6500 Coors N.W. One of our own, Margy O’Brien, is a participant in the show. Please check out Open Space Visitor Center on line to make sure they are open before you go.

Keep safe, keep your spirits up and keep sketching.


Here are a few photos and one from the last outing that didn’t make it in last time.

Bike in Coffee / Zoom

Howdy Sketchers,

Bike in Coffee was a lot of fun. There were barns and bicycles. There were trees, shade, old trucks, lots of people and lots of bicycles. Everyone had a great time and it was so good catching up with folks. People were social distancing and wearing masks.

As I say there were lots of people at the Bike in Coffee, though we were able to social distance several of us chose to sketch behind a barn as it was easier to stay apart from one another. Bike in Coffee is a great location for sketching and lots more. That said we will not be announcing a new sketch out for the near future as the C-19 numbers are going up in both the country and the state. So once again we will be taking a wait and see approach and continuing to Zoom.

This Saturday we will not be Zooming as it is the Fourth of July. Our next Zoom will be from 10:am to Noon on Saturday, July 11. If you would like to join the zoom please send your, one time, request to spaderart@gmail.com and say “I want in” or something to that effect. We will put you on the email list to receive an invitation and password for the next Zoom.

Stay safe and I hope to see you Saturday the 11th for a fun Zoom.


P.S. Here are the photos from Bike in Coffee.

We Are Out Again,

Howdy Sketchers

Just a little reminder. This Saturday, the 27th, 10:am to 12:pm, is our “Welcome Back Sketch Out”. The location is the Bike in Coffee, 949 Montoya St. NW in Albuquerque. Please send your R.S.V.P. to spaderart@gmail.com, be sure to bring a mask, and of course, practice social distancing.

This weeks Zoom was fun. Lots of good conversation and sketching. There will not be a Zoom this Saturday the 27th as we will be at the Bike in Coffee. If you would like to be in on the next Zoom and you are not already on the list please send an email to spaderart@gmail.com and we will sign you up. Although we had a handful of folks attend the Zoom we There are no photos this week.

Be Well, Be Safe.


Welcome Back Sketchers

What wonderful news; on the 27th of June at 10:00 am we will once again meet on location. Bike In Coffee is the location, and social distancing will be the order of the day. Also, they would appreciate the wearing of masks while ordering from the restaurant.

To get there you can Google “Old Town Farm & Bike In Coffee”, or just Bike In Coffee. The address is 949 Montoya St. NW, in Albuquerque. Please RSVP by sending an email to spaderart@gmail.com and say I want to go. For the near future it is important that we have a count of those attending for C-19 safety reasons. We truly hope to see you there.

For those of you who prefer to stay home we are still Zooming every Saturday at 10:am with the exception of the 27th as we will be at the Bike In Coffee event. Thanks to all the Zoomers who met this Saturday, for there participation. And thanks to Cryptocat, Ed, Hilda, Richard, and Spader for sending in these wonderful sketches.



At Home Updates,

Howdy Sketchers,

The big news this week is that we will start hosting “On Location Sketch- outs Again”. Donna is currently checking on the feasibility and availability of several outdoor locations. We are planning the first, welcome back meeting, to be held the 27th of June. As it looks now, social distancing and masks will be the order of the day. We will update the precautions next week when we are sure of the meeting location.

Those of you who do not yet feel it is safe enough to attend an on location sketch event or just want a little more sketching to do we intend to keep Zooming every Saturday morning at 10:am. If you would like to join the Zoom events please email spaderart@gmail.com and say “I want to Zoom”. And of course keep sending your recent sketches so we can post them in the Saturday post.

If you are still looking for more to do, this weeks challenge comes from Gabi Campanario, who as most of you know, is the person who started Urban Sketchers. He announced his challenge on this weeks USKTalks. Gabi suggest that with your next sketch try as he says , “Tell Me More” share it with an informative caption, maybe do a little research, or explain a little of the background story in your own words. Of course to hear exactly what Gabi said, you can go to USKTalks on Youtube.

Thanks to: Wayne, Michele, Anne Marie, and Spader for this weeks Sketches.

Be safe and sketch something today.


Zoom @ Home

Howdy Sketchers,

This Saturday May 30th we experimented with Zoom meeting. Several Sketchers showed up and we had a great time sketching and chatting. So now we are planning to keep Zooming Saturday mornings at 10:00 am. The next Zoom sketch in will be Saturday, June 6th and we would totally like to see you there.

This week we have only a few sketches to show. Next week I will try to capture the sketches done by Zoom participants and that will provide several more photos.

If you would like to take part in next weeks Zoom please email spaderart@gmail and say, “I would like to Zoom.” We are still posting photos so if you would like to share please send them to spaderart@gmail.com as an attachment.

My apologies to those who tried and did not get into the Zoom meeting. Thanks to Richard and Spader for this weeks sketches.

Be safe and sketch something today.


Fun At Home

Howdy Sketchers,

It has been so great to see several sketchers participating and sending weekly sketches. The past few weeks have been a terrific opportunity for introspection and sketching things we may not otherwise have sketched. Before we get to the photos this week there are a few items of business.

Two weeks ago I tried to encourage everyone to add a little context to their sketches. After being on a live chat with administrators around the world, I thought it might be appropriate to clarify our current sketching circumstances and essentials.

The president of USK attended the zoom meeting to wish everyone well and to answer this question. What is an acceptable USK sketch? In the USK manifesto there are some directives and those directives are like a mandate for USK.org. For us however, as individual USK chapters the rules are currently much less rigid. I tell you this to say: Sketch what you can, sketch often, and keep sending in your wonderful work. In line with sending in your work, this coming Saturday the 30th of May we will try a Zoom Sketch Out.

Zoom is an online meeting site which can easily be downloaded from the web onto your computer or your handheld device as an app. So if you would like to be in on a Zoom Sketch Out on the 30th at 10:am and running until 12:noon or a little before. Please send an email to spaderart@gmail.com and suggest you would like to be in on this event. Several of you have already emailed that you would like to try it. I will reply to your email with the invitation # and code by Thursday so send your request early. We will be sketching what we see and chatting. Bring your questions, comments, your joy and something to sketch with. This could be a chance to catch up with folks you have not seen for a couple months. At the very least it sounds like a lot of fun. Hope to see you all there.

Whether you make it to the Zoom or not we would still like to see what your sketching. Here are a few sketching ideas to help inspire you, not that you need it. From Shari Blaukopf comes the challenge: look out your window, find a subject and sketch it at different times of day, show the different lighting or colors. Matthew Brehm’s challenge is: look at a drawing that you like study some part of it that you like, practice that technique on cheap paper then include the technique in a sketch / drawing of your own. Here are a few random ideas to sketch. The ingredients for something you are cooking, a corner of your bathroom sink with the medicine chest open, or even your morning tea and carton of creamer.

Appologies for the long post. As always send your questions, comments and photos to spaderart@gmail.com. Stay safe and sketch something today.


Oh ya! Here are this weeks photos, contributed by: Martha, Hilda, Spader, April, and Mary.

Enjoying At Home

Howdy Sketchers

The hummingbirds are here! What a wonderful spring we are having. As always I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying the Chirping birds and fragrant spanish broom. That said we have several items to cover in this post.

First I would like to take a moment to let you all know that we are watching the C-19 news and the reopening of our cities. The decision to start holding public meets again will depend on science and the government. As for now we are considering outdoor venues and keeping an ear to the ground with hope that we can meet again soon.

Another note concerning meets: Some of the USK chapters around the world have been meeting once a week, virtually, in Zoom. They meet online, sketch for two hours and show sketches at the end. We would meet at our regular time 10:am and show at 12:noon. Some of our members have tried it and I believe they had a good time. I am wondering what the level of interest there is in our group for this type of meet-up. If this is something you think you would enjoy please drop me a line at spaderart@gmail.com or comment on the Albuquerque Urban Sketchers site.

For things to sketch most of our members seem to be finding their own terrific inspiration. If you are looking for something to sketch there is one of those challenges going around. It is called A to Z, and you sketch something that starts with A, try to give it some context, then move on to something that begins with B. Of course Urbansketchers.org is a great source for all things Urban Sketching like USKtalks.

This weeks sketches are provided by: Steve, Donna, Wayne, and Richard. Thanks to all who participated and to all those who haven’t sent in a sketch yet, come on show us what you got!

Please submit your photos to: spaderart.com as an attachment.



Fun @ Home

Howdy Sketchers,

As always, I hope this post finds you Happy, WELL, and Sketching. This week we have a handful of great sketches for your viewing pleasure. You will find the photos at the end of the post.

For those of you who are beginning to feel like a latchkey kid, stuck at home and running out of ideas have you tried Google Earth? It is a fun way to see places you may never get to see in person and practice sketching things you have not sketched before. Some of the images on G. E. are subject to copyright so check to be sure. You may also enjoy some of the articles like “My World Is Smaller, But The Joy Remains.”, on the main urban sketchers home page at “urbansketchers.org”.

If you would like to post a sketch or two on next week’s post please send your photos as an attachment to spaderart@gmail.com. We would love to see what you have been sketching.

Thanks to Stephen, Richard, Martha, Gwyn, Daniel, and Spader for posting this week. Also a special thanks to Michele who’s name I omitted last week.

Be safe, be happy, and sketch something.


Fun at Home

Howdy Sketchers

We have a few lovely sketches this week, but before we get to that a couple items.

There are some new temporary guidelines for this “C-19” time. *All drawings must remain direct observation drawings, * It is alright to post sketches of things around your home. But please include some context in your setch. *And lastly they should be sketches of things as you find them, not still-life setups.

For those of you who like a little more involvement, USK Talks on YouTube is still sending videos from Hong Kong. There are lots of fun photos on Urban Sketchers Facebook page and of course there is UrbanSketchers.org with lots of resources. There is currently a challenge on one of the chat streams at UrbanSketchers.org that suggest we sketch our feet while lying on the couch or in bed and sketch what you see behind our feet.

So this week we have sketches from Hilda, Spencer, Stephen and Richard. Thanks to all who participated, we love to see your work. If you would like to participate in next weeks post, please send your photos, as an attachment to spaderart@gmail.com.