Lets Sketch

Howdy Sketchers,

Hope all is well where you are and that you are finding a way to keep sketching during this in home opportunity.

As our time with C-19 rolls on I will be slowing down to one post every other week. The Zooms are still happening every week, except Saturday the 1st of August as I will be unavailable on that date. Last week’s Zoom was a lot of fun, we even had a visitor from out of state. There are a few photos following the post. For those of you who have not yet tried a Zoom with us we would love to see you there for the next one. It will be Saturday August 8th at 10:am and run until noon. As always if you would like in on a Zoom please send your request to get on the list to spaderart@gmail.com. You will receive a notification for every Zoom we have from then on.

We have had a few problems with photos sent in from Google Photos, they are a link to a file not an attached Jpeg file. If you would like your sketch to be in the next post please send it as an attachment in your email. The easiest way I have found is to snap a photo with your phone and send that to spaderart@gmail.com.

For those of you who are running low on ideas to sketch here are a few from several sources. Try sketching and painting with only a primary set of colors. To avoid groups maybe try sketching something you like while sitting in your car. Sketch with your other hand, it makes for a looser sketch. Sketch someone you know or something you both know then have them hold up your sketch, take a photo and send it to someone else. Do a sketch with pen or pencil then put color only in your center of interest.

Stay safe and keep Sketching.


Here are a few photos.

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